Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Lab Hand-Carved Pet Portrait

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Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Lab Hand-Carved Pet Portrait - Stash Box Dan
Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Lab Hand-Carved Pet Portrait
$89.95 Original price was: $89.95.$69.95Current price is: $69.95.
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Made from recycled exotic hardwoods, Carver Dan’s Pet Portraits are a unique way to pay tribute to a cherished pet. The Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Lab Hand-Carved Pet Portrait can be displayed on a shelf, a mantle or even hung on the wall. Each portrait is designed with a small opening in the back to securely store dog tags, a collar, or even the ashes of your beloved pet.  Memorialize the life of your pet with a unique, handmade piece of functional art that will last for generations to come.

► Hand-carved from recycled hardwoods
► No Paints! No Stains!
► Red is Mangosteen
► Yellow is Boxwood
► White is Birch
► Tan is Beech
► Black is Walnut

The Yellow Lab dog breed quickly became popular in the world and is currently the number one dog breed in the world.

Although classified as a hunting dog they are gentle, approachable and friendly. The Yellow Lab is a very affectionate dog that tends to be extremely loyal to its owner. They are gentle when playing with children but are also protective when approached by strangers.  They live in harmony with other animals too as some lab owners have more than one pet. Most Labs are given as gifts from parents for their children to show their love for their children and help teach a child the responsibility of owning a pet.

Yellow labs are not simply pets, they are companions.  It is difficult to overcome the pain after a pet dies, especially when they have been a part of the family for so much time.  A very special part of life was witnessing both your children and pup grow and develop together. 

With a Hand-Carved Memorial Yellow Lab Urn we know that handling your pet’s death may be a little easier by helping keep alive all of those special moments you and you family had.

Memorial Pet Urns by Carver Dan’s are a sentimental demonstration of eternal love for your pet.  These pet Urns are not only wooden pet portraits like a photo they are sculptures that can give your family friend a special place to rest for eternity.

Each Memorial Pet Urn made by Dan Carver was created as a special handicraft product by artisans. Under the skillful hands of a craftsman with many years of experience, the inanimate wooden block gradually becomes as vibrant as your pet’s image.

Besides, the craftsman must have ingenuity, meticulousness, handling details in a delicate way, so that the chisels, the sharp touches, the shape and details of the carving must be vivid and look real like a simple photo but with a 3D effect.

We all have to make difficult choices when saying goodbye to our special pets. You can either let those found memories go or keep them alive with the help of our special handmade pet urns. They like your pet, are unlike any others in the world.

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